Beautifully illustrated, written from the heart and painfully retold, the newly released book STOLEN CHILDHOOD provides a story that will change you forever.

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Nathan Taffel is available for speaking engagements in the Milwaukee and surrounding areas. Please contact him to schedule a program that is sure to enlighten and change lives. He can be reached at: Nathan Taffel

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Nathan Taffel

Nathan Taffel is a man full of memories. Robbed of his childhood by the Nazi Holocaust during World War II, he was twice saved by miracles. Coming from Poland, the youngest of eight children, Nathan "Nate" Taffel knew a wonderful, religious, love-filled, spoiled life...until one day when he was twelve years old and his world came crashing down. Instead of celebrating his Bar Mitzvah, Nate said a few prayers with his father, who announced he was now a bar mitzvah. Two days later, his town of Radomysl, Poland was beseiged by the SS and his family fled on a horse drawn wagon.

After many years of remaining silent about his Holocaust experiences, Nathan "Nate" Taffel now speaks to students about his experiences and how he learned to let go of hate and live a great life full of family, friends, love and happiness. Sure to leave a lasting impression, "Stolen Childhood" retells Nate's story of inner strength, his struggles, his overcoming hate and his perserverence. The book includes maps and illustrations, actual photos from the Holocaust, photos of some of Nate's family members that perished and photos of some family that survived.


Here "Uncle Nate" and Keri Cohen celebrate Nate's 80th birthday with the first proof of Stolen Childhood. It was a wonderful gift to share with the whole family.


• Many of my former students come back to tell me that experiencing Nate Taffel’s compelling story is the highlight of their educational career; Mr. Taffel’s powerful, affecting story and message are woven into their hearts forever.
— Beth Larson, Menomonee Falls (WI) High School

• How do you reach 12-year-olds in school?
Difficult, even on our best days. But how do we teach them empathy and understanding for a terrible time that we can barely imagine? Movies, books and film clips offer a glimpse at the horror, but hearing Nate Taffel’s testimony brings it alive. Nate is “living history” and the students’ lives are never quite the same after meeting him.
— Linda Lee Weiner, Kennedy Middle School, Germantown, WI


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We must never forget the atrocities committed during the Holocaust, lest they be repeated in the future. Now you can share the story of how one man survived and prospered. Not only should you buy a copy of the book, but you should buy copies to share with friends and family. Contact us for multiple copy purchases.

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Nate continues to enjoy life with his family, extended family, many friends and business associates. Always a joy to have at a party, Nate loves to tell family stories and embellish a little more each time he repeats one.

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